A very plane

today we did some more paper plane learning but today we did something different it was measuring the height, width, length and area of our planes.

We are also looking for the optimal design for a paper aroeplane and the dihedral angle is the most important thing to make a paper plane fly.

this is a link to the world record holder on paper planes John Collins  https://youtu.be/2n4xq0DnbHI

This is the dart paper plane


We have been learning basketball in the gym this term and it has been very fun and I have got way better. Basketball is fun because it’s a invasion game, that means it is a game where you steal the ball and go for a goal.

In basketball you can’t make contact with another player otherwise it is a foul.

Sound Waves

  1. Click here for sound waves website

This week  my class and I  have been doing something called sound waves.

Sound waves is a sheet and a website that helps you learn about graphemes and phonemes. We also have to pick ten words from the list to be our spelling words then we have to practice them every night until the test at the end of the week.

This is the one of the sound waves sheets

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Scam watch

Today at school we did something called scam watch. Scam watch is something to tell you how to be careful about scams and how to tell if something is a scam or not. I did some research about online shopping scams. Research under text.



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School Concert

Yesterday at our school there was a concert and I was shivering nervously when we were walking on stage. But then when I was on the the stage I felt confident doing the dance IT WAS SO FUN!!!

Our song was One Call Away by Charlie Puth there were other good songs to like Animals, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jump Around, Bad, Thriller, Dance Off, What Does The Fox Say, The Greatest, Cheap Thrills and heaps more.

When we finished our performance I felt amazing. We sat down for the rest of the time watching the other amazing performances.

At the Concert there was also a pizza van, ice cream van, sausage sizzle and a monster raffle which was just a school raffle. We had a lot of fun at the concert

img_1651 img_1652 img_1653

Save the bees

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PLEASE SAVE THE BEES! Did you know that bees actually help us live they help our food and they make honey. Honey is actually a natural medicine. Look at the explain everything above.

My having a say book

This is my having a say book it is about the 3 levels of government and all of my work on what the Macedon shire council.

by taking action people can influence decisions and bring about change.

My term 3 kitchen garden

This is my kitchen garden learning in term 3 year 4.

i’ve been learning about lots of food how to cook.